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Joseph & Baby Jesus

St. Joseph

Born: unknown

Died: c.18 A.D.

Canonized: pre-Congregation

Feast Day: March 19

Patron Saint of: Canada, carpenters, church, dying, fathers, Peru, social justice, universal church

Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary, the Mother of God. Joseph was a carpenter by trade that lived in Nazareth. Before they were married, Joseph learned that Mary was pregnant. To help keep Mary from shame, for he knew that Mary had consecrated herself to God and should not have had relations with anyone, Joseph decided to stand by Mary and allow her to have the baby in secret. It wasn't until Joseph was visited by an angel sent by God that he learned of the truth; that the baby was conceived by the Holy Spirit and to be named Jesus and that he should not fear in taking Mary as his wife. He did as he was told.

Joseph was the model father. He looked after, cared for, protected and provided for Mary and Jesus. He shared Mary's pain and fear when they thought they lost Jesus when He was just 12 years old, only to find Him in the temple going about His Father's work. The Bible tells us nothing more about Joseph after this account, but we do know that Joseph taught the child Jesus his carpentry trade and was the model for a moral upbringing and head of the family.

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