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St. Adelard

Born: c.751

Died: January 2, 827

Canonized: pre-Congregation

Feast Day: January 2

Patron Saint of: gardeners

Adelard was the grandson of Charles Martel, the nephew of King Pepin and a first cousin to Charlemagne. He studied under Saint Alcuin, became a monk at Corbie in Picardy in 773 at about the age of 20 where his first assignment was gardening at the monastery. He later became an advisor to Charlemagne. Adelard was exiled to a monastery on the island of Heri when he was accused of supporting Bernard, a rival to Emporer Louis the Debonair. During his lifetime, he founded and established the New Corbie monastery in Saxony. He retired to the Abbey at Corbie and died January 2nd, 829, after an illness. A number of miracles were attributed to Adelard following his death.

Also known as Adalard and Adalard of Corbie.